Washington D.C.


M + I went to Washington D.C. because we are both adults and do work-appropriate things together. Very cool. We stayed close to Georgetown but also I think in ‘downtown’. Clearly, my geographical understanding of D.C. is limited. We had high plans for our Thursday-Friday-Saturday in our nations’ capital. We would somehow meet M’s very close friend, go out and get work done. But that did not actually materialize.

Tired and rained upon, M and I decided to go to M’s friend’s recommendation for an Indian dinner – Rasika (which was much-needed) on Thursday. We grabbed a high-top table and I didn’t have a speck of make-up on. In the early AM of Friday, off I went to work while M had some of her own work appointments. We tried to coordinate for dinner but that didn’t materialize … so again – tired and rained upon – we decided to grab a late-late movie.

On Saturday, M went off to her favorite spin class which had an outfit not too far from where we were staying. I slept in – literally. Because I don’t remember any of the morning movements. We then found our way to the EU Open House. For those who don’t know – mark your calendars for next May. What a nice way to see Washington D.C. and ‘visit Europe’. We had limited time so of course we were at the Embassy of Germany and France followed by House of Sweden. We did make a much-talked about tourist stop. The Folger’s Library. If you do nothing else in DC – do this! But definitely take a guided tour (and say hello to the Tour Director Ian who is just wonderful!)

Berkshires, MA

We went to Kripalu in late April to attend a Yoga in Schools Symposium. M was talking specifically about the challenges of including Yoga both at a school policy level and the implementation in each classroom. We decided to make a joint ‘time-out’ and extended our stay post the symposium.

We stayed at Hotel on North and explored some trails that were close to Kripalu. Big thumbs up to MA for having some seriously awe-inspiring nature. We explored a little bit of the main street (North and South street)… the gift shop attached to the hotel was actually really cute. As was the shop next to the Berkshire Museum. Rustom was welcome everywhere which was an additional treat.

India Inspired

India Inspired



kdhamSo, 2016 kind of zoomed past. It was a blur of not balancing work and life. And then I found myself at the end of the year running away about an hour away from Bombay to this little yoga institute. It wasn’t planned, I was in India for work – but then on the weekend, Mum said let’s go and I did. We stayed in a simple (and I do mean simple) room. In the morning, I saw a tail of a lizard outside my room and pretended it wasn’t there. I looked outside and saw the hills not too far away and much closer a family of monkeys – just sitting. Everything was not as loud as Bombay, it wasn’t bright like the movies, and it wasn’t comfortable as one imagines vacations to be – but it was, and it was surprisingly peaceful.

I came back to New York – M and I celebrated the start of 2017 – and Kaivalyadhama slipped in to romantic memory. I call it romantic because my memory tends to make things much nicer over time. (It’s a blessing if you think about it!) And then I was in India again – more work than last time and even less time. Lee said to me “What is more important?” and I answered without a pause “Me”. And now, I am trying to put that in to action. What does prioritizing yourself look like.

Jet Setting Warm Weathers

Jet Setting Warm Weathers

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tajmahal H & I went to India.

We went to Istanbul first. In probably one of the oldest mall and then out. We ate corn on the cob and then drank turkish coffee. Ayub, our driver, of the accidental mercedes bus we hired – sat waiting. Next to Collin’s he repeated.

We went back to the airport somehow. It didn’t seem like we were moving. Asia on the other side of the water – we watched the boats. The marina. And then Bombay. The maximum city.  We drudged our way to my little flat in a broken building…waiting to be rebuilt. Jazz at Olive’s Sitar at Saffron… Salads at Eat Around the Corner and all that noise. That loud noise. Jewelry shopping at Aquamarine and Curio (always Curios) Le Pain / Indigo’s / Starbucks… Bombay is a city to eat I said. But it isn’t. It’s a city for me… to hide with M on Yaari Road. To wake up to curtains and shining star. To take an uber “back” somewhere. To cross over the streets now no longer where I grew up. And before I knew it, it was Delhi. Another home now because Bombay is quieter. We drove to Agra and I saw the Taj Mahal. Again. But really for the first time. Because memory is a funny thing. And then it was over. All of it, and I’m back in my real “home”. Where we live. You and I.