Growing Old-er

Crumbs Giant Cupcake
Crumbs Giant Cupcake

As another year rolled by, I decided to bring it in with some of my girls (those who were either in the city or close enough to make it!) and did what everyone should do at least once a month… nothing.

Truly spectacular this “nothing”… we ate cake – with chopsticks for knives and fingers for spoons and forks, we frolicked by the poolside and drank bucket loads of champagne and then as all adults do… we danced, drank some more and fell asleep with towels around us. So big thank you to Shang’s for hosting us and Thompson LES for making it feel like home.

I now have pretty little things from Sephora and a one of a kind vintage watch (apparently my gift was bought before SATC was released so the Carrie reference is just coincidence).. I have too many flowers and balloons to count, perfumes, hair products, jewelry, clothes, cash, dinners, cocktails, drinks, breakfast… hmmm… let’s just say, I have my hands full!


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