You used to be much more “muchier”

Alice Kingsley: Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

The Mad Hatter: That is an excellent practice.

So my six impossible things for this morning are:

1. I will find and purchase a gorgeous mix of indo-western dress that looks good on me before the 20th of this month -> this is impossible because I don’t think that I could look good in an indo-western long-ish dress but attempts shall be made

2. I would have somehow magically completed the chapter I have now been “working on” for the last 2 weeks. Someone, please come here and lift this writers block, asap. I can write blogs just not a chapter?!

3. I will consume the required amount of water for the day and head to the gym and go out later tonight and be a good parent to my lovely Rustom

4. That my plant at home will survive not only today and tomorrow but all through winter

5. I will begin putting away money in to my empty savings account – really soon. . like tomorrow

6. I will have read that book I need to read for Saturday – by the end of today.

I missed out on all events yesterday and even sneaked out of work when T + hubby were in the neighborhood. Over drinks she said that “I can’t do this with anyone else.. you know from back in the day” and it’s true…there isn’t anyone from grade school in Bombay who I would be able to meet in the city, over drinks and laugh about overrated sex and for that I think T, time with you was one for the books!

We popped by Intermix — the roof party was missed a few days ago I was under the impression that they would have something exciting – but nope, they don’t. Purse Blog’s canvas bag conversation has my attention right now, I’ve been trying to find a work and yet weekend canvas bag. (Can we expect our bags to do so much?!) Later after drinks at her hotel we ended up at the UWS Pomodoro (so not exciting) but yet quite cute and home-ey. Today however looks far more complicated to figure out – M, Rusty and I are heading out to long island for a day at the races and planning that is going to be a little more work than I thought. Grr.

Anyway, in the AM today a conversation with P&P resulted in researching schools in the New York region that they would be interested in sending their kids to. It will be nice to have some family close by – –Chapin School seems to be their pick and then because I have spent my morning clicking away – I’m posting links to schools I found on here so P&P can access these links whenever. Nightingale-Bamford, Choate Rosemary Hall (I’m a fan of boarding schools), Spence School, Riverdale, Calhoun, Xavier (but umm..), York Prep, Collegiate, Dominican Academy, Regis, Brearley, Loyola, Cristo Rey, Columbia Grammar & Prep… all of this is also leading me to think that I am old enough to suggest school choices for children that are not me. Ok. That’s strange.

Enough about all of this – my cab yesterday was an eye opener .. apart from telling me that eating in fact makes you lose weight, it has also informed me that NYC restaurant week is going to go on forever. Well not forever, but almost. Naturally you shouldn’t believe everything that cab tv told me but you should know that NYC restaurant week / month / many months is a good idea. HERE’s that link! More soon xoxo



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