Ich bin Berlin-er

Since spending last summer in Berlin, I often get asked recommendations. So I figured, I’d make it easy by just posting it on here (yes I’m lazy!)

If you have more than a few days in Berlin – spend one day on a tourist bus. Get an idea of the space – why not! But, if you absolutely have to pick only one thing to do grab a beer and listen to some music and meet fellow travelers at Hackescher Markt.

One of my favorite gartens was in Prenzlauer Berg (also where I’d like to get a small flat if we’re dreaming.) Walk around after you get out of the  U Bahn Stop, follow the tram line and pick a lovely smoke-free area and make friends (easily). Useful Map to Have!

Berlin’s PhotoboothsBauhaus Museum, Renate (Salon) Underground Music Scene, Berghain (Of course you should peep in once), Charlottenburg gardens and such, Hang by the Spree at Club der Visionaere, Do the museum island but also do this, Margaux (restaurant on unter der linden)<— walk over to the Adlon for coffee and cake, Remembrance (this is only if you have time, patience and some interest in the history… surreal) Go to the lakesides. Look at small galleries. Walk. If you need to borrow a local cell number for your stay – take mine.

And when it’s all done – send me a postcard.


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