Mission: Splitting Hairs

Having moved to the BK many (many) moons ago it really is such a pity that I don’t have a hairdressers in the neighborhood. I use the word “neighborhood” loosely since all of Brooklyn (not Manhattan) is my neighborhood for this purpose. I asked friends, they asked their friends (I hope) and still without a lead, I looked on Yelp for the highest rated, least hated, had an appointment available and wasn’t insanely expensive yet cool feeling place (phew) – drum roll please – and found High Horse! Eric, stylist du jour, is wonderbar and although I will wait the necessary three weeks before declaring he’s beyond awesome I have a feeling I’ll be going back. I have also successfully found a local nail place… 20$ mani / pedi yep it’s possible. In the BK!

Of course M had to show me up by showing me this NextDoor social networking situation where basically a real neighborhood exists in it’s virtual (imagine Facebook but more) form. Now I have to think about whether or not this is totally awful, totally amazing and why didn’t I think of it first, or just plain creepy! (Isn’t it weird that all three extreme thoughts co-exist and are entirely plausible options – yes, yes it is weird!) To boot, she delivered this news with a Fresh facial card (love/hate relationship!) So of course, I will cheat and leave Brooklyn this one time. But that’s all. (Hi Selena!) Also, I really need to replenish the Sugar Lip Polish, Moisturizer with SPF & the Umbrian Clay Serum!

My next agenda is to find a dog-friendly everything-space (Church Lounge at the Tribeca… shall we include Tribeca in Brooklyn? it’s quite close…)

Mission: Dog Friendly


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