Not a Cubicle Story

I’m not sure why I was browsing earlier today. Something about wanting to see what my (non existent) Dollar converted in to Rupee would look like in material form (?!) Somewhere on that website, and I think under best reads, was Preeti Shenoy. I might have ignored it entirely, had it not been for an inviting title that included the word “cake”. While I have concluded many times over that “Cake” in general is a happy word… I have to add, Preeti Shenoy is not too bad herself. As inspirations go, she may actually be quite an interesting one for Friday (that is today!) Take a look at the profile she writes, or the Wikipedia page, or her blog. I think I like most her accessible, natural simpleness. I like those words. Especially all together. So hello to Phoenix… I’m excited to meet you and I may even be looking forward to busting my ass.


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