God is…

Like everything in this city of ours that is somehow financially inherited or acquired, I’ve realized that religious affiliation while being exactly the same is one that matters most! I’m what the religious people with books call a “pagan”… Actually, I think perhaps all ethnicities are somehow paganistic in their monotheistic attitudes but I digress, the point here is … the sooner you join a church, temple or mosque, the easier it is to establish yourself in the sub-community of New York City. Keeping this in mind, I’m in the market for a community and a religious institution to “belong to”. I might have a checklist (work in progress of course), and I also need to find a geographical location that works but besides the social clubs “we’ve” joined – the question is why haven’t we become a part of a religious one?!

Here is some of my research on institutions I’d like to explore: Forth Universalist Society of New York City that houses humanist “religious” beliefs and meetings on Fridays I think. There are the Unitarian Universalists and I’m not exactly sure what is happening there. Baha’i Community is closer to what mom and I understand. We were a part of it in our short time in St. Louis and have made life-long friends that are family to us… so of course I want to check out their study group. Closer yet to India is the Broome Street Temple the only problem here is that while I have a South-Indian last name, I don’t speak the language at all. I do dance the dance though so I’m definitely interested in visiting them. More to add when I find others that make the cut!


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