Mission: Pet-Friendly

I remembered posting about pet-friendly life on Mission: Splitting Hairs…. Since so many tabs on my computer today have something to do with puppy-love here goes:

Making sure your pooch is actually getting walked technology

New fave doggy online shop! Romy & Jacob

Close second are Dogo Designs & Modern Tails

Not Good:

Highline Park writes this for not being pooch friendly in the MPD:  “The park’s planking system was designed to use direct rainwater runoff towards the planting beds. This means that dog urine, even if it falls on the path and not into the plantings, ends up in the soil. Dog urine is highly acidic, and dangerous to the roots of plants. In addition, the High Line, while very long, is also very narrow, and pets on leashes would overcrowd the paths on the High Line.”


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