Do-It-Yourself City

Both M & I spend a million years looking for things in our apartment which has lead me to constantly day-dream about living at the Plaza, Ritz, Four Seasons, Waldorf, etc… you get the picture. Over the last few months, I’ve had a chance to really work in the details of my dream but now I think I might be ready to put it down in one blog-post. That is the first step. Then, I get to actually do it. Clean the apartment, find the best-ways to make it a zen-type-life. The catch is to do it in the time constraints of life AND DIY (asking designer friends for help is allowed!)

Also click on the DIY link above or there’s an adorable TED talk there that needs to be watched!

I’m calling this Project Hotel Inspiration.. it is somehow part of Projects Build a New Life (BANL) and Turn a New Leaf (TANL)

Filing Cabinet: To sort Financials, Health, Insurance & Academic Certifications! Goodbye insanely-large-bookshelf-from-hell!

Sugar Cubes – DIY Recipe must purchase Chocolate / Candy Molds


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