Sunny in New York!


The weather yesterday was brutal… and perhaps that is exactly what I need to prepare for. I am one year away exactly from the big Three-Oh and so much is a pending task and there will never be enough time. The good news is that there is reason to not give up just yet… I am completely overwhelmed with the loving I have received in the last few days. Songs have been sung internationally – harmonica, guitar and all (thank you dearest girls!), meetings have been postponed and cancelled so that we could talk (don’t think I didn’t notice), calls, text messages, dinners and lunches are being planned … I have the bestest gifts, new make up colors, books & a giant mirror along with bouquets (hand plucked and delivered) adorning work and home… how can I complain ever! Thank you! Not celebrating my birthday for reals has it’s perks! I will look forward to the many one-on-one dates with these beautiful people. I’m starting tonight with the bestie in chelsea and next week with P in Park Slope. So while this summer threatens me with brutal weather… let me report from the sunny side of twenty nine. It’s lovely. I might also be massively hung over and waxing lyrical at this point … but for now it’s sunny and I’m fine with it!


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