I am super duper excited for Ber-Lin Wedding coming up in Chi-town and R’s petit housewarming party. Of course, I have recommendations on what to do in my short-short stay from everyone. So here’s hoping I get to make a little bit of a dent on my itinerary!

R suggested that we head to Ralph Lauren for brunch … while I love, love, love Ralph Lauren in general I’m not sure how I feel about eating there. Isn’t the whole point of Black Label to stop us from eating forever? I know Bloomingdale’s does it but they’re nice enough to make sure that food at Bloomingdale’s always sucks *or for sugar-craving tourists. As does Barneys. Thankfully Breakfast at Tiffany’s is still like the movie. I am now curiouser and curiouser on the whole shopping-brunching marriage… when it obviously is similar in my mind to catholicism-judaism-islam living in harmony. Just does not many any sense. Of course, I am happier because of it (the religious harmony and brunchopping…)

Recommendations by colleagues so far:

Art Institute (d’uh!), Chicago Architecture Boat TourAndy’s Jazz Club, Underground Wonderbar (look for a password on their webbie apparently),


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