Dear God – Burn Book you missed out on the heat wave in heaven but may I remind you about our planet Earth and earthlings created in your image. God, We are suffering. Please make it stop. Perhaps a nice summer breeze and balmy summer nights are in order. Scents of jasmine and patchouli (a girl can dream)…

And while you’re at it, make the airports nicer. People who work there are obviously aliens who don’t belong there. What do we do about them?

Did someone tell you that we have just too much “stuff” on earth. I really feel like that we can’t achieve zen-like nirvana with all the things we are accumulating. I definitely advocate some version of spring cleaning with a really large dose of magic. Honestly, I can’t actually figure out where to start.

I really think you need to get some kind of internet connection up in heaven. Being incognito and non-communicado isn’t working out very well. Science is definitely taking over.

Also, I’m having some issues with deadlines and time management. Do you think people who need more time should just get more time. It seems only fair. Can I request some additional hours a day?

You’re the best ex oh ex oh


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