oh mi gosh

http://jgatchalianllr.blogspot.com/I cannot believe that I did not go to yoga again today. I was up. At 5 farking AM and did not go to yoga or cardio or any other thing that might constitute as exercise. I didn’t even have to walk the dog. I ate a slice of toast. Genius really. I drank two cups of tea. With so much sugar it should have been painful. Somehow confessing on this blog makes it better (?) no.. it does not. But, what does make it better is that Ritz and I spent the morning bitching about food and the calories it should not contain. (Yay for moments like this!) All that texting should constitute as exercise.

I’m doing that thing now where I leave post-its all over the place reminding me to go to the gym. My computer has one, my phone has one and my cellphone even has one. But that one fell off. Literally by itself. SO NOT my fault. So when I checked FB where a mind-reading friend posted “avocado substitute as butter” I tried to break my phone. My toast had real butter on it. Not avocado. (…and you should read the comments on the lifehacker link.) And my phone is new so I spared it (for now).





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