A Fall Calendar

I took a minute today to pull out the little idols that get gifted to us and arranged them in a row on the dresser. A sandalwood Ganesha, a colorful Godess Laxmi, a golden Krishna-Radha, some laughing Buddhas and added the whirling sufi dervish at the end of the line up. Somehow the brass colored statue that traveled from Istanbul to New York – rotating on it’s stand – fits in just fine.

And then, under the bright pink cloth I found a picture of my grandmother and mother and mother’s sisters and brother-in-laws. An old picture just a few years after the India-Pakistan divide… they are standing outside their first home after moving to India. I love the mischievous smile I see on one of my aunt’s face… and the giant moustache my uncle sports. I never saw these pictures growing up so here it is … a little piece from history.

On another planet the fall calendar grows: New York City Ballet’s Greek trilogy, some kind of classical Indian concert in New York, Diwali, Dushera, Bhai Dooj… in no particular order. And travels to India, Virginia, San Francisco and Seattle… a follow up to Vancouver maybe. This blog might be a little slow.

Miscellaneous Gathering Ideas for a minute in New York:

Art Class – What a fun idea and I’m sure it doesn’t necessarily need to be bachelorette-y!

Improv  Class – People’s Improv Theater has all kinds of classes!


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