Advice from the Aunt!

I remember asking around for “desi” advice for new mom’s when I was planning N’s baby shower and finally something pops up in my inbox. So here you go N – you might need some of this in the coming months:

EAT THIS: Green vegetables, vegetables from the squash family, moong beans (dal), and whole-wheat bread

DO NOT EAT THIS: Cabbage, beans, lentils, tomatoes, tamarind, lemon, and oranges (sour stuff)

TURMERIC helps in healing internal wounds. Take half a teaspoon daily with lukewarm milk or water.

FENUGREEK SEEDS help prevent / ease back and joint paints and are especially awesome if you’re nursing

CAROM SEEDS (Ajwain) is fantastic for helping with digestion. Boil 2 glasses of water and 1 teaspoon of carom seeds – cool and drink the water throughout the day.

DRY GINGER POWDER helps with anti inflammation (is that even a thing? hmm) in any case, it is recommended to mix with food and take on a regular basis.

Gondh ke ladoo (lost in translation entirely I think so write me if you need more info!) whole-wheat flour, butter, nuts, gaund, poppy seeds, and sugar. Also something called Panjere





  1. Other treatments are eating one-fourth to one -half cup of the following cooked seeds —kasuy, linga,mani, or pili; drinking the mixture of one or two crushed kanya pistula fruit in one glass of water; drinking of two teaspoon of palay bran boiled in one glass of water for five minutes; and drinking of one or two tbsp of coconut cream taken from coconut meat.

  2. Thanks! Hav been trying to focus on veggies as much as possible. Indigestion rite now is not dat much of an issue but will keep the carom seeds in mind and da turmeric for internal wounds will definitely come in handy after delivery.
    I believe the panjere is being handled by the mothers of the family so that will also b available.
    Keep the amazing advice coming!!!

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