Leaving New York

ImageWhen C – a friend who spent the last two years in New York – announced she was leaving the city to move back to her hometown in Germany, we instantly decided to get hammered… over pinot noir of course… on the UWS…  surrounded by “locals”… (it seemed only appropriate.)

Meanwhile, a few blocks down M & Mom were celebrating the release of mom’s book / birthday festivities weekend / and just another friday night at the ballet.

While it is so easy to complain about New York when we’re here (traffic, weather, ambulance noise, lines, street vendors, chinatown, and more) and miss New York when we’re not here (fabulous food, 24 hour life, dogs and so much more!) I just cannot imagine leaving New York for real. Not having an apartment in this city. Not being able to discuss Bloomberg like an extended part of my family. Not hating and loving the people here. I know I’ve been out of the city for a while with almost every week/weekend involving some kind of travel but I’m home in New York and I haven’t left but whenever I do – it won’t be a long goodbye because that just is not possible here.


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