A New York Tea Party

I’ve finally figured out how to host a tea party and it isn’t by reading this… it is however by letting the professionals take care of it – entirely – and being a pretentious snot and adding little “personalized” touches …Oh how I need to move to Connecticut immediately!

Tongue-in-cheekiness aside – we ordered personalized sachets of lavender tea and mom wrote out thank you cards for each guest in place of a seating arrangement. The one thing to remember for future events is that I need to assign photography tasks to F who remembers to bring her camera (bless her!) and not to M who forgets to take pictures (bless her anyway!) I love that you can see the crowded room in the mirror all the way back – – good job F!

The formal / old fashioned tea arrangement was fantastic since we were an informal bunch. The team at Lady M were gracious hosts and remained in constant touch with me during the service by way of secret eye / hand gestures (this is actually true!) I cannot recommend the scones enough… but what I want to write this post down for is to remember that I will be doing this again. Hopefully next year with more friends of moms and we can see what all happened in 2012-2013 over a cup of perfectly brewed jasmine tea. (oh yum!)


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