Richmond, Virginia

Let’s just say firstly – Richmond is totally small town (I’m sorry, I’m sorry Virginians but it is true!) However – since we were there over a wedding – weekend we got a chance to see a little bit of the gorgeous, quaint capital city of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Here is what I learned from Wikipedia: the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was written by Jefferson and passed in Richmond sometime in the last half of the seventeen hundreds…I also learned that it was a super important city where all kinds of important things happened and made up my mind to visit the church where “Give me liberty or give me death” was spoken. That didn’t happen because Rustom didn’t exactly want to be left alone at the fake alligator pond. So I learned this instead – Carytown is totally cute and generally pet friendly. More than the rest of the city in any case. Jefferson Hotel is the only hotel you want to be in so you can walk down the stairs and pretend you’re in a movie (gone with the wind specifically.) And the hotel is pet friendly too. Everyone is super nice. Always. The university is grand, beautiful and majestic… and you might be tempted to stay in school forever. There are some interesting museums on the boulevard but sadly I didn’t get a chance to visit any. Oh… and the James River has all kinds of interesting – natural – beautiful – scenic – stuff going on. Also someone recommended a frech bagel store in Carytown that served fragles (french bagels) and I can’t remember if the shop was also called Fragle… probably not.


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