Mountain-eers in Putney

In the hopes of grabbing interviews for school and participating in nature-type-activities we piled in to the rental car in park slope which by the way is feeling more and more like “ours” in these last few weeks / months… Oh yes, I’ll have my usual white-malibu please… fill it up, no insurance… oh sat nav .. no i like old fashioned maps .. great thanks. Then we proceed to get lost on the way to the hutchinson whatever that leads us out of the cement-city and on to wilder pastures. This is where the fun begins – story telling in to sunset, early morning baking, apple picking, maple syrup drenched bread / cake / butter, warm apple cider donuts with cinnamon and pepper, horse rides, cups and cups of tea overlooking the mohawk (sp?) mountains, city dog in the woods, un-ending spaces of land and a hunter’s lodge on the property (hmmm), wooden fireplaces and the quaintest back-scratcher in the bathroom. oh and no internet or phone connections except on the trusty pad that allows me to look over magnificent trees to gloat a little at my homework that is definitely pending. a lot.

Basketville, Putney Paper Company, Harlow’s Sugar House, Green Mountain Farms


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