Mission: Family Friendly Weekend

I’m an aunt of a beautiful baby girl who was born just a few days ago! I am not allowed to post any pictures just yet but I just had to put this out there… oh and I was totally there and watched my sis pop her out. I don’t know how new-moms are not telling everyone about the general insanity of the whole situation. It’s totally crazy and yea – that was pretty cool to be there but like I would only be discussing childbirth until the cows came home. I’m never having a baby so this is good – because BabyA is totally going to be mine! (PS: Yanich – your mom’s comment that traumatized you forever… I just have to say. I get her.) So naturally, I have all these plans that involve me basically moving in with N&P but I can’t. (Just wait until December rolls around!)

In any case – because I’m gone again from the city most of next week – I decided to take a mini-work-break and accompany mom and M to… Smorgasburg. For the uninitiated, DUMBO is totally taken over by sickeningly rich couples with young children and dogs on the weekends. I say sickeningly rich because when M and I looked in the area nothing (and I mean nothing livable) was available for under 1m. Yep. No apartment with 2 bedrooms for under 1 million US dollars. WTF Manhattan has more options than DUMBO. Two Trees – you knew what you were doing when you decided to become the Donald Trump of DUMBO. Good job. So yes what was I saying … Smorgasburg! Love the location – old school tobacco factory… my favorite secret new york moment with Jane’s Carousel and gorgeous water views. Too bad there were just too many people with the same idea so the four of us walked over to the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory before heading back to worky-work-work on a Sunday! Joy!


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  1. “Maybe it’s time to rethink living alone. Newly built villages where people have their own rooms, but share amenities in community rooms and kitchens. Restaurants with communal tables for people who want to sit with others. Neighborhoods where seniors can mingle with young children, should they wish to, but where they can also dine in scream-free ambience, should they wish to. Single moms with a built-in population of caregivers and resources. Politicians who no longer kowtow to “family values” when so many households are comprised of singles.” http://glo.msn.com/relationships/single-occupancy-1534754.story#!stackState=3__%2Frelationships%2Fsingle-occupancy-1534754.story

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