A Perfect Day

smiling zen-like wake up / brush teeth
by 6.00am prepare breakfast for dog while making morning smoothie for self / walk dog / prep smoothie in smart to-go cup 

(throw away coffee maker / bailey’s that functions as creamer)

leave sipping smoothie and take 7am core class
by 8.30am shower and get dressed for work

(this must mean my hair / face routine has to perfected in a carry-away bag)

9am to 5pm work efficiently with power lunch that may or may not include express workout

(carry workout wear / plus change if need to work out again!)

6.30pm walk dog / play / drink tea while enjoying a beautiful reading corner

(find a way to immediately enjoy things without thinking of all the ways it sucks)

7.30pm make dinner filled with salad / soup type things… discuss intelligently with friends who are also power-be’s about politics / religion / economy with a singular glass of wine

(if everyone had ONE glass – a bottle of wine is totally respectable everyday)

9.30pm Bed Time


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