In the last week while I have wasted my life reading, working and trying desperately to achieve nirvana through a perfect day… Ritz has done this:

hosted a fancy brunch in her lake-overlooking-apartment
(this is the new thing apparently – everyone has one!)

bought some kind of genius glove that allow her to type on touch-screen devices and doesn’t even look fugly
(you should see my ninja gloves!)

broken up with SnM boyfriend and stayed away from general masochism
(in general I believe this is a good thing)

hooked up instead with Chinese Gay New York Ex-banker turned Chicago Grad Student
(having sex with a gay man is tough… so respect!)

discovered that online dating is a no-no and gym dating might be a yes-yes
(kill two birds with one stone – practically genius)

went to chic cocktail events with top tiered school alumni
(this requires tons of patience)

oh and consumed all of 100 calories while remaining her own thinspiration
(goodbye kate)

… did I mention I didn’t even try to go to CORE this week



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