Audio Installation

tiny in her halloween costume


I am working on a project about memories. And then I thought about the many interviews I have heard over the last few months that were so heavy and I have been playing with the idea of memories that are not so heavy. What if they were lighter… just times that you may remember because it was significant but hopefully without trauma. Hopefully something that isn’t painful, life changing but only just. Because when girls buy their first bra’s might be a memory that would stick. Was it awkward, was it weird, was it amazing, was it a time you spent with your mom, sister, aunt, dad, uncle, boyfriend… Do you even remember? I’m hoping it will be a light memory… I am hoping you will tell me a story about your life and I am hoping I will put together something that will resonate with girls and their bodies. One story… one memory. Just because.

Here’s a quote from Anna Deveare-Smith‘s introduction in Fires in the Mirror where she quotes a Native American poem  and her grandfather. I think both quotes are something to hold on to – so here they are:

“Words have always held a particular power for me. I remember leafing through a book of Native American poems one morning while I was waiting for my Shakespeare class to begin and being struct by a phrase from the preface, ‘The word, the word above all, is truly magical, not only by its meaning, but by its artful manipulation.’ This quote, which I added to my journal, reminded me of something my grandfather had told me when I was a girl: ‘If you say a word often enough it becomes your own.'”

– –

The photo in this post is from Mary Ellen Mark’s project Street Wise. I found this really interesting blog post that I just had to share about Tiny, her then and her now.



  1. For me word I would use about getting my first bra, a suprise 12th birthday present from my mum is embarrasing. I was always a bit of a tomboy and in no hurry to change. Athough I was aware that my chest was no longer ironing board flat and needed to be kept covered up, I thought that as long as I always wore another layer under my shirt my nobody else would notice the change.

    Mum was never one to discuss things like that with me, so it came as a shock that not only had she noticed but had decided that it was time I had the appropriate underwear!

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