Hello, Hello

2013So we decided to ring in the New Year’s at home… with Mommy, Puppy and some old fashioned board games. Yes of course there was a little bubbly and bitching about what Kathy Griffin was up to anyway on national television. That whole idea of walking to the park to watch the fireworks. Fail. But getting to bed at 3am and waking up before 10am is already successful. Good job 2013.
Oh and I have the best hat in the world. This year is looking brighter and brighter.

TurbanLast night’s meal was Garbanzo Beans, Pita Wedges, Roasted Winter Vegetables, Homestyle Mac & Cheese with Cauliflower and the yummiest salad ever. I never ever say that so here is the recipe for me to remember. Cabbage + Arugula (mix them on ice) + Oranges (sweet lime for us desi’s) + Roasted and Salted Pumpkin Seeds + Vinaigrette Dressing to taste (I didn’t need this bit at all). Totally “awesome”. For dessert we had some sweet bread and cookies that D, M and I baked in the morning. Simple & Deliciouso. PS: Apples to Apples is rigged and I totally deserved to “win”…. whatever that means. Happy, Happy everyone.


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