Enter, Brooklyn

Everyone is discussing the ridiculous weather in New York. And things are pretty crappy in Chicago too. Oh and in London…where the weather looks like something out of bad “what if” movie. (I feel like I say this often.) So of course I froze to death grabbing a morning cup of joe at Gather – they’re so cool they don’t even have a webbie… (no it is not this Gather) Luckily Robbie picked our brunch spot – Talde –one among many in the BK.

talde 01

The plan goes as follows…..drumroll please


It looks like Brooklyn is making some waves in the food / fashion / shopping / living world among others and it is truly a travesty that I can barely figure out a dry cleaners to go to in this borough. Until a few months ago I was shlepping my dry cleaning to the city. To the old faithful cleaners of Manhattan. This has of course changed because  – I live in the BK and therefore must explore it further. I can safely report I have a hairdresser (or two), a nail place, a dry cleaners AND other such necessities all in this borough.

Anyway the plan is now to explore this food world of BK. But because I am inherently an inefficient person <– this is the only reason in the world why I keep “rushing” every where / always “catching up”… I have to find a way to make time happen for such an activity. Enter the relative “ease” of Brooklyn. The biggest plus point to this exercise is I will have a magical addition of 2 hours which I tend to spend getting to the island of Manhattan… (an island I love very much mind you)

So JJ and his girlfriend B, M & I explored Gwynett Street. The food is actually quite spectacular. The neighborhood.. hmm… not so much. But I won’t complain because I saw it on a cold, wintry evening and perhaps it’s totally different when the sun is out. I notice that happens quite a bit in this borough. JJ got me not a triple milled soap but a superior nine-times milled soap which I have to report I am tots excited to use once my obviously inferior soap gets used-up. More on that later.

Top places to try as soon as possible: Nitehawk Cinema (it’s a dinner and a movie!); Enid’s in Williamsburg – check out this rad NYMag review;


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