Make It Rain (Shower)

pausaI know, I know. That is a super lame picture. Especially since it makes no sense… and it’s kind of instagrammed. But, I just spent about two hours playing with products in my bathroom so I just had to share all the general awesomeness.

I might have spent all my money on stuff that I believe will change my life fohever. e.g. (move your eyes to the right of the picture) Kai Shampoo, Kai Conditioner & Kai Body Polish. Even though I know better I feel like if I like the packaging of a product I ought to buy as much of it as I possibly can. Really there is no other reason.

That black rock (blob) right next to the Kai bottles is M & my precious buy from Istanbul… yep that would be a loofah replaced with the dead sea stone from the dead sea. Don’t laugh. I actually think this is magical after my flaming red skin calms down.

All the way to the right corner is the shampoo & conditioner I stole from the bathroom at the Hyatt. Along with the Origins face wash that M uses. And above that is the 9 times milled french artisan soap that JJ gifted me two weeks ago. (JJ this soap is literally phenomenal!)

Alright moving left… you see my absolutely favorite Lush products – the scrub that made my Berlin bathroom green and the jelly soap | Kiehl’s Argan Oil Hair Conditioner | Body Shop Ginger Shampoo | Himalayan Protein Shampoo | John Frieda Shampoo & Conditioner | L’occitane Face Mist | Chanel Face Wash and last but never the least Keratin Hair Leave In Situation that I got from a hair stylist in Richmond (? okay I’m not sure about where I got it.)


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