Week End

Every Monday I start to wonder what exactly is a weekend…and I don’t mean it like when the Dowager asks it (video) but really, what purpose is a weekend. Is it so that I feel lousy on Mondays? But why must Mondays be lousy to begin with. But watch the Dowager – I can only dream of eventually forgetting my provincial upbringing and embody Maggie Smith’s awesomeness.

So, this past week end was spent celebrating Ricki’s New York birthday and now I feel like Monday rolled around without enough time in between. This makes me nervous and unprepared… and it makes me wish I was in fact someone else. No, not her. I was told she was born a he so what I deduce is that one of my best friends thinks I resemble a trans yesteryear actress. Turkish no less. But that isn’t the point. I’d rather be someone else entirely.

Someone like… Lord Disick.

lord disick garb

He knows how to celebrate a week end and a week day. In fact, I think he knows exactly how to live. Just check out his kingdom and then tell me, don’t you wish you were him too! (Alright not always but once in a while.)

Here is what I ought to have done!

*soft jazz tunes*

weekend inspiration


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