burrataI was really hoping that 2013 was a leap year. But it wasn’t to be… we don’t get one for another three years in case you were wondering (2016) so just like that March has rolled around after the 28th of February. Obviously Rustom was quite upset about this because A. he ate cheese B. he spent the morning being sickly after eating above mentioned cheese (a delish burrata for those who were wondering) and C. he played only with the ghastly lamby with a voicebox inside of her that goes marrrr marrrr in the scariest way possible.

This is the highlight of my day today. The dog ate my cheese and I really thought people should know about this. Happy Friday.

In other dairy news I have to report about the milk debate in our apartment. There is the obvious vocal discussion and the other not so obvious but far more serious covert operation between mom and M about which milk shall be consumed. In case there were any questions mom and M are not on the same team all the time about this. There is issue A buy Ronybrook Farm Dairy Fairy Milk and issue B buy organic milk (any brand) so that I may drink coffee / tea… and M and mom spend equal amount of time protecting both issues. Ronybrook also demands that we return glass milk bottles to the farm. An idea that appeals to the mothership no end. So here we are lugging milk bottles back and forth while M tries very hard to drink her espresso in the morning. Oh the exciting times and lives of people in the BK.


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