Product Review (s)

makeupAt a relatively recent trip to Blue Mercury where I picked up my fave nude lip color, I also found my newest obsession…NARS Botan Kabuki Brush. So I figured I would start putting up reviews of stuff I like / want / think is hotbananas.

There is literally no reason in the world to write about this except maybe to give me purpose to go out and explore what works / doesn’t work for me and as an after thought create a wish list.

It may also mean that I might shop less (?) and begin life of frugality (like I have always wanted of course.)

We have to start with the Oribe Texturizing Spray which I am totally obsessing over and compare it to the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. Both have mah-jor cult followers and I have (secretly) tested M’s hair with these two products. We can discuss the exact procedure of the tests later however, M is not very impressed with Oribe as much as the B&B Surf Spray. It may also be that she is just fond of the packaging of B&B. Meanwhile the Oribe texturizing spray is a HUGE hit for me. I am obsessed with it’s scent. All the wrong reasons to love products I know… whatdyougonnadoaboutit.


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