Mission: Dine Brooklyn

Gran ElectricaMexican brunch with JJ+B all part of mission explore Brooklyn more. It is so great to be doing this because I think these restaurants are trying their hand at creating different menus and experimenting with aesthetics. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Gran Electrica is one of them only because I ordered Pancakes. But wait, the Dulce de Leche was fab as were the pickled vegetables that I thought went perfectly with the pancakes.

Before GE however, M & I wandered in to West Elm where they literally are the happiest people in the world at 11.30am… maybe the bright yellow wall had something to do with. Then again, it doesn’t matter because West Elm is my secret space to spend tons of time doing nothing (If I had such time…) In any case, here is the loot from today – M picked up a bottle of Rudy so that it would get us to maybe have a cocktail together some day. We also picked up a copy of Le Petit Prince in the blue cover and not the yellow from the perfectly curated Powerhouse Arena for M’s friend’s kids. A gift that keeps on giving… Ner bought me the french version a year ago and it is in my top favorite gifts received and just picking up the book today was happy-happy. We wandered over to One Girl Cookies where (as usual) i sniffed down my dessert and M promptly broke the previously mentioned bottle of Rudy only to hurry back home and clean up. Now I’m settling in to finish some research and listen to an mp3 that arrived in my inbox from JJ. Happy St. Patrick’s Day … I got through this weekend without beer! (yay).

Updates (March 2013) Potential Cool Spots to Check Out in the BK

Sandwiches at the Brooklyn Edible Social Club | Whiskey & the Ladle | Ted & Amy Supper Club | Eat With Neighbor |


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