The List of Brooklyn Grocery Shops

Brooklyn Fare Every respectable cityphile has a perfectly organic / natural yet trendy grocery store to go to. I found mine when I lived in the city and they were the usual suspects: Dean & Deluca, Whole Foods, Citarella… during the very short time I was way uptown I found Agata & Valentina. You get your bread from Eli’s or Balthazar, etc, etc you get the picture. (mental note: must make a list for pet friendly bakeries) Anyway, even though I’ve lived in the BK for five years now – I am still shleping shtuff from the city. There is no Whole Foods in the bk just yet (but of course Williamsburg will change that) and I haven’t seen a flicker of interest by them Dean & Deluca folks… so when I ran out of Olive Oil, I didn’t walk over to the corner bodega. Instead I discovered Brooklyn Fare which is totally a train ride away. (Crown Heights are you listening?) This got me thinking… about other such grocery shops in this rather large borough east of the “river”. Here is a short list of places I know.

Union Market for everything, Blue Apron (keeps breads from Balthazar & Amy’s by the by) but really known for cheeses & other specialty foods. I feel like this particular type of shopping can easily be done at Bedford Cheese Shop and BKLYN Larder as well but Blue Apron has the nicest servers. The Red Hook neighborhood has a fabulous FairWay Market that houses everything you can think about from your international travels (yes it even has the right Flake from dxb!) but it can get a little cray-cray in there. If you do trek out there – don’t miss out on the view of Lady Liberty and ask for Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie (don’t buy it from Fairway make the small walk to the actual place where Steve makes these pies!)…

Brooklyn of course has a million coffee connoisseurs that sell wonderful beans – my two top favorites are Gorilla Coffee and Gimme Coffee. Buying a good cup of brewed joe however has been an experience. I feel like most places just don’t get it right.

Oh and if I ever moved out of this borough – I would still come back for Sahadi’s nuts & seeds.


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