Dinner & 2 Girls

Dinner & 2 Girls
M & I just hosted our first 2+2 dinner ever. This is momentous because we cooked every single item in under 1.5 hours and sat down like adults on our dinner table and consumed. I am just so tickled at our domesticated Friday night that it deserved a post. The meal was Indian food naturally because what else can we come up in that much time without recipes and shopping lists. I made guava juice with masala in it. Enough said. And now off to “sleepy time”… Rustom is so going to learn what that means some day!
Good Ol Fashioned Menu below:
Vegetable Pulao: Rice with Green Beans and Corn
Chole: Chickpeas with Onions and Tomato Gravy
Paneer Masala: Paneer Cubes with Green Peppers and Grape Tomatoes
Naan: Flatbread
Raita: Yogurt with seasoning
Desi Salad: Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Green Chillies, Tomatoes & Lemon
Dessert a la Leela

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