Being Vegetarian (For Reals)

People often remarked with the usual questions when they heard I was/am vegetarian… “What about fish?” quickly followed by “Eggs?” and then followed by “But you eat cheese…” Yes, yes, I eat cheese not because I have a problem with dairy but OMG, I just didn’t want to know that cheese wasn’t vegetarian.

Here in lies the problem with my aspirations and the reality of what goes down. They don’t always match up.

I don’t know about every vegetarian who eats eggs out there in the world… but I started to eat egg whites because I didn’t want to eat pancakes for brunch every single weekend. Also egg whites don’t taste like eggs – they sort of don’t taste like anything and I like that. Egg yolks however taste more like eggs and I can’t. So I’ve come to the conclusion I’m fine with egg whites as long as they are local, organic, cage free, happy hens listening to Bach. (PS. I love YouTube – people upload everything!) Anyway, I’m not just ranting about my specific vegetarian but I’m wondering if it is possible for someone like me to be a little bit more vegetarian than not eating meat. Can I purchase vegetarian rennet cheese – this is in fact possible at Blue Apron Brooklyn where they house Cypress Grove Cheeses (vegetable rennet) hurrah! You must try the Midnight Moon cheese … you’re welcome.

But then what about everything else? (like)

Clothes | Toiletries | Beauty & Make Up | Shoes | Handbags | Electronics

And what about restaurants and alcohol…

I’ll try to keep this post updated as and when I find stuff under those headlines that give me a vegetarian option that works. I certainly don’t want to shop for my shampoos at Whole Foods so this complicates matters. What about big brand stores – is shopping there not vegetarian? Wait, is “vegetarian” ethical or is that more “vegan”? I have so many things to think about!


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