H walked in to a rather suspect looking hair salon in SOHO on saturday to keep me company while Carmen added honey highlights to my grey-ing hair. I was sipping on cold cafe and wishing there was something stronger in it while we dissected our problems… slowly. Here is what we learned together… drumroll…we need more meditation time. In an effort to find stillness (on the Internet), we scoured the YouTube channels for some prayer that makes sense. And then, H shared the above chant. Simple and beautiful. Which in turn reminded me to listen to the chant below.

Okay, I’m not really turning any more religious than I already am. But I’m totally feeling the white and turban look. Fine … some of it is Chanel inspired but most of it is just pure and wunderbar. And the no make up glow. How does one replicate it? I think it comes from reflection and peace and a-change-of-name. Do you think Kaur sounds nice at the end of my name? Hmm… maybe change of name comes after the uplifting of spirit. I digress.

Today, I worked on polishing my ethnographic research. Tomorrow morning it will be posted.


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