Spring Time for Me

1387321_ET_0318_GameOfThrones_MJBSpring is being awkward. Especially since we are having a few good days and generally chilly days… but I’m sure you’ve heard enough conversation about New York weather in elevator / taxis for me to add to it. My spring is a little disjointed – what with travel plans and a calendar full of events after my school work is done. But somehow events creep in between as well because I literally am too tempted and too excited to settle down and buckle down. I wonder if everyone fights this battle of self… I hope the answer is a resounding yes.

Right now the battle of what will replace by very cool garbage bin at home is in my head. But, before I discuss what garbage bins to purchase now that New York City has finally decided to recycle plastics… I want to put out there these girls who are totally my Sunday night obsession.. besides the dragon queen of course. I am now obsessing over them a little bit more thanks to PotD’s melody share which also echoes the tunes in the show. Anywho, back to the trash talk. It seems like NYC is going places… it has decided to really recycle. This now demands new bins in my tiny apartment. My options look something like this: Recycle Bins (but I have no inside to pull these out of) or something cooler looking (and that cooler looking bin is yet to manifest…)

What has manifested itself are these little pockets of selfie time. I have a new phone thanks to M and have joined the world of people who loved blackberries but have moved on to the i-world. So in a return-thank-you… I decided to squeeze some time in with M. We finally went to a movie together … so while we missed out on Sundance this year, we were at the very least able to catch a singular movie at Tribeca… anddd we highly and unashamedly recommend the movie! Please go and watch Sh’s film <– the link should bring you to showtimes in New York!  We also dropped by Ruj’s new take out restaurant… so if you’re in the mood for some home cooked yummyness – Bombay Duck hits it home!

Obviously I don’t have much to write about so I’ll just do my usual websites I’m trolling list…

Prince Teas (turmeric goodness), F recommended Sugarfina’s candy, Apartment inspiration by Eye Swoon, Prop Stylist (the real question is how do I ever be that cool), Factory20, Modern50, Flair NYC, Canvas, Ochre… happy spring!


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