Weddings and Things

ny_wedding_bowery_01So while weddings in New York are generally taking over the summer season… NYPL | Waldorf=Astoria | NY Zoo | Orensanz | Plaza | Beekman you get the picture. It also means that my otherwise routinely chaotic calendar seems to have exploded. In my face. I thought it might be nice to look up some things that go hand in hand with weddings.

What To Wear – apparently the answer is to scour the racks at Saks | Bloomingdales | Nordstorms but with seven weddings to look forward to this season I’m in need of a short list to wear.

Travel Gear – I’m spending today & tomorrow in collecting travel sized products. It’s the only way to survive the madness without being upset that you left your favorite cleanser on the bathroom sink of some hotel (can you tell!)

What To Pack – After ignoring Nat Geo’s sage advice, I’m really going to be packing everything I own. What I try to remember however is to get dry cleaning done before I start packing. This bit always comes back to bite me…  and then everything else is accessorize!

Weekend Trips (to plan): Ron Mueck in Paris,


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