A Master Moment

2013-05-24 14.56.12

So of course the mother is beyond thrilled that one degree is finally over… even through the monsoon of New York – she had the largest smile on her face.We stopped at Crosby Street Hotel for dinner the night of and a brunch at Tribeca Grand the next day with her friends who sneaked in all the ways from Oslo, Portland and Connecticut… (shout out to Chicago) all through the coldest / wettest New York streets one could find on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

I have a few thoughts on Chote Nawab (bad)  Chateau (awful) Ides (champagne cocktails yum) Cafe Mogador (amazeballs) Bombay Duck Co (must-go-to-desi-comfort-food) and last but not the least Glady’s (neighborhood fave). There were few other stops that ought to be on the list – Morgan Library | Storico but how much can we consume really (?) Now for a Pizza Night with my favorite Ner x Salut


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