I’ve spent the last two weeks running from one smile inspiring activity to another. No weight of thesis over my head … how is that possible! But after only just returning from a girl’s getaway to Napa Valley, and an impromptu dress purchase for a wedding A & I attended as soon as we landed – I decided to continue the festivities well in to the weekend. And by this I mean – a relaxed evening at Frying Pan (thanks to BFF’s recommendation – ugh I’m gutted I didn’t see you!) on Saturday that ended at Maritime’s patio and pool table … on to a Sunday brunch at Gilligan’s – Soho Grand’s Pop Up Restaurant that ended with us “happy” shopping for fragrances in the West Village. We stopped by Jo Malone and fell in love with their limited edition scent and then later at Caudalie with their signature fragrance.

Thank you A for candles and parfume and cream. I simply love my Union Square collection!

Karma – let this weekend of happy exist without repercussions please?!

I’ll be working hard at that pending paper – promise!


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