The Comedy of Errors Public Theater/Delacorte Theater

Armed with blankets & pillows & sunscreen & umbrellas… A + Ricky + Rustom + I headed to Central Park  at 5.00am!

Some of us grumbled but ultimately settled in our spot in the line and ordered much needed caffeine from trusted Andy’s Deli. P.S. they start accepting CC’s at 6am so don’t bother calling before without cash in hand.

At noon we received our prize tickets only to come back at 8pm for Comedy of Errors – which if anyone wants to know – was fantabulous! Next one up is Love’s Labor Lost so if you missed Shakespeare in the Park first time around … you know where to go if you can get an alarm to ring at 4.30am!

But “relaxing” weekends require effort.

Sunday was New York’s LGBTQ Pride Day which includes a march – floats n all – starting somewhere around 11am. In all these years A hasn’t marched in one of these so I figured now was as good a time as any … and so we did! We also volunteered at the water booth by the ascension church – in general giving out water to sweaty / hot marchers gains tons of happy smiling faces – so this was a smart decision for our general mental health. After which we headed over to Perry Street for much needed cocktails & a late brunch. And because by this time – tired and exhausted – we hadn’t had enough (and also missed M in pride festivities) – we wrapped up our night with a recent addition to Italian fare in our neighborhood – Cent’Anni.

A work-day was a welcome break from the hectic social calendar – only to be interrupted again by a hair-salon-gathering of colleagues which quickly turned in to prosecco and cake for dinner kind of evening. You won’t find me complaining but I’m kind of ready for tea-before-bed type of nights now.


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