Oh You… I Remember You!

Let me not try to re-cap what has been going on at my end of the world… the travel which of course can provide material for a book of it’s own. Let’s just say, I have spent a copious amount of time making sure all my T’s are crossed and my I’s dotted and that the summer out-of-control-life can settle down a bit… imagine fall leaves in New England. (breathe in) (breathe out).

The last few days T from Toronto made her way to this city. Lucky for me, she parked herself in Park Slope so it was uber easy-peasy to coordinate. That evening (thursday) we met up at a Fish Bar in Williamsburg after giving A a hug (she was off to NC for the weekend) tequila was consumed before heading over to the Tea Lounge for Indian Jazz. Got to put this on our calendar because the brooklyn jazz scene with indian artists equal to a giant thumbs up! And because we are older – we can be un wise at Henrietta’s … We closed the night trying to grab dessert / and failing terribly. We did however grab midnight snacks at the old-haunt Kati Roll. The next day (friday) we grabbed some breakfast at the gorgeous Ze before heading our separate ways. Lunch was delivered from Bombay Talk and dessert was consumed at Duane Park before of course a larger than life dinner from the trusted Bombay Duck Co & Artichoke Pizza’s & Curritos. Naturally we needed a second round of dessert from Rocco’s. (SHUDDER!) On Saturday after attempting to walk off the insanity of food – we met up at Prospect Park to play with Rustom and avoided the Farmers Market. Okay fine – we might have walked through it and forgotten our wallets… lucky for us! We liquid brunched at Sanctuary T, Vig Bar … walked through Lovely (latte!) Rice to Riches (kheer!) and finally (drum rolls please) ended the night at the Soho Grand Hotel‘s Yard (naturally!) Lets just say M & I are not eating for the next month.

Sunday morning (so far) M & I went to the Brooklyn Yoga Collective and walked to Prospect Park with the mother. Exhausted already but loved the weekend shenanigans with T.


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