Scents and Smells

SONY DSCA decade ago, I saved my empty perfume bottles … I’m happy to report that these obsessions end. This morning I threw out yet another beautiful ornate par-fume bottle … one I might have saved in another lifetime. It got me thinking about smells and scents.

On my 30th – I decided towards a singular scent for all year long and (in that moment maybe) I hoped it was going to be all life long. I imagined, not unlike the memories / scents I associate with people I love, that I too would be one of them – people with a certain smell. And then it turned November and I am surrounded by smells I want / need to own and love.

L’Artisan Parfumeur’s bottle of tuberose to begin with is topping the holiday smells-list… Next on is Clive Christian for the Indian / jasmine notes in the No. 1.  I’m still obsessed with my birthday scent – West Side… but Amouage’s floral gold compliments these November days and nights.



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