Holiday Weekend in New York City


A thanksgiving meal has become a little bit of a tradition now. I’m not exactly sure how / why / when … or even if we actively thought about it but here we are anyway – five years of hosting meals with our extended family. This year (and actually every year since we started) we have a Norwegian representative find their way to our very eclectic holiday spread. That makes it tad bit more special I think. If you are interested –  this year’s menu is hyperlinked to this sentence. So Wednesday was spent putting those pieces together and Thursday of course was spent in consuming it all. Topped off only by the insanity of Black Friday. (This tradition I’m fine with erasing – are you hearing God / A?!) We trekked all the way to the outlet malls only to return with a pair of shoes – which of course I know I could have purchased while sitting on my bum in the comfort of my bed. But no point in complaining. Some people really enjoy this process I am told. That brings us to tourist Saturday & Sunday… All I can remember at this point is the respite from insane crowds at the Villard by Michel Richard which sits grandly on the corner of Madison Avenue and fifty something. Why don’t I live there!

Now for “I” if you are reading this … here is your New York weekend in links – – Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall | Yoga to the People | Brooklyn Botanical Gardens | Union Square Holiday Market | Shopping in Soho | Fuerzabruta | Top of the Rock | Sarvana Bhavan South Indian Food | Sterling Bed n Breakfast |


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