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My Little New York Box
My Little New York Box

Did you know that the River Cafe finally reopened… well it opened for New Year’s brunch and is booked through mid march. To M & me, it is where Rustom was allowed indoors as a puppy (definitely very illegal)… the garden and surrounding area is where he hung with Megalicious+Chimz, with AuntyD, with the many wedding florists who made River Cafe gardens their home base, and Rustom took innumerable pictures with absolutely anyone who walked up to him (insert appropriate awww)… Since then, M and I have not really explored DUMBO much. I mean there is the occasional trip to Janes (secret New York),  AlMar (obsessed) and West Elm Market but that’s it really. So I have been pondering on what is my New York? Is it Brooklyn? The brunch / juice spots across town? Flatiron area where I lived, worked and studied? or the UN stretch? Maybe East Vill? Or was it Spanish Harlem for that one summer? Or even Queens? When does the city stop stretching… and where do you finally feel like you belong?


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