Cleansing Rituals

So this is what the aesthetician recommended but if one was to do on a daily basis, I think at least for myself, I would need to get up an hour earlier.
I seem to have reached a happy minimum for now… in the mornings I use the EveLom cleanser (insanely lovely and I recommend it highly) and I follow it up with my moisturizers (in the pics it is la mer for face + chanel for eye <– I am finishing up a moisturizer by Himalaya – an Indian brand + a Turkish eye cream that is lasting me far too long!). I also use the Sunday Riley skin oil because I am loving that under the primer. The primer by hourglass is really wonderful and I need to purchase that. Right now however I’m using the Tom Ford primer *also a wonderful product.
In the evening – I’m using an Italian makeup removing cloth that I picked up at the airport and re-found under the sink (so organized!).  I follow it up with the Chanel face wash or the EveLom cleanser (different from the morning one… this one is one extra step with a muslin cloth). I also use the one step by Dr. Dennis Gross (pictured below)… it’s kind of chemically too strong feeling but it does the job of clearing out my skin of day-stuff. I don’t use a toner when I do this. I use the eye treatment for the night and the face oil <– which by the way is my absolutely new favorite thing can you tell?!
Cleansing Rituals

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