What is in a name – Juno?

By now everyone on the North-East corridor of the United States has either been overwhelmed with information about the “historic” storm-to-be or alternatively is wading through inches & inches of snow realizing that the storm is here. The snow-maker/heavy-winds-making-it-painfully-cold-er storm has encouraged the New York City people-in-charge to basically shut down everything. I mean seamless is still going strong, but everything else. We have no subways or busses and we aren’t even allowed to be on the road (I am not complaining)… it’s just fascinating that this is happening in 2015. New York City is in weather-curfew you guys! So naturally I have come across some seriously awesome things that New Yorkers do. For example: 2015-01-27 at 12.12.45 AMthis guy on Craigslist thought it would be a good idea to barter a bag of kale for poetry. Actually, I’m pretty sure CL will eventually delete this seriously amazing writing so I’m going to attach a screenshot to this post. Also in fascinating New York behavior is this article by Business Insider. “New Yorkers are Flocking to Craigslist to find ‘Blizzard Boyfriends’ and Girlfriends.” I’d like me one Blizzard Boyfriend please with attitude on the side. (Genius). There are plenty of serious how-to-prepare articles out there but Buzzfeed went ahead and made a quiz out of it. NYTimes Arts Beat has a list of things-to-watch, read and/or listen. But let’s not forget what is going on with this blizzard / storm situation having a name? Andrew Husband (is that your real name?) answers it at UPROXX (which is apparently a website that reports on “the culture of what’s buzzing”.)


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