Köln Day One

I arrived in Cologne expecting a May summer. Something I should already have learned is never successful for me – weather expectations. I am freezing (as usual). The weather world just does not see eye-to-eye with me or maybe I refuse to understand that weather is fickle. But, I can’t complain too much because certainly, I’ve had worse experiences. This one, I’m mildly prepared for. I brought along one sweater (one?!) and one sweater jacket (one?!) so essentially I’m wearing that sweater jacket thing (which is not what jackets are supposed to be – mine is more of a cardigan type situation) over everything. Like I said, I’ve felt worse. Although naturally, I am down with a cold. Pssh. That will not stop me from seeing and doing “everything”.

Arrived in Cologne and met with E <- who is absolutely lovely for taking me under her wing and showing me where / what / when / how. We go to an area called Lindenthal (my “home” in Cologne). Once settled in my light filled room, I met with X (who surprised me by cycling over in no time at all!) and made plans to have drinks and dinner with her girlfriends. I tried to go to the shopping street (where I am told a lot of people go) Schildergasse and wasn’t the biggest fan of finding the same shops here as I would on Broadway. (Actually, in a way it’s good because then shopping isn’t an attraction for me). It was time for dinner and drinks with X and I walked over to Yo! where I had some delicious quesadillas, cocktails and conversation (not in that order!) Before heading home, I stopped at a kiosk (that is what corner bodegas are called here if you’re curious) and picked up the essentials: Milk and Chocolate. The music loving (I mean he liked Shakti and Mahavishnu!) Adnan drove me back in a city taxi.


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