Köln Day Two

I texted with Ricky who spontaneously decided to come to Cologne for lunch. Of course I got to our meeting point 5 minutes after she got there. (*embarrassed*) We decided to walk to the Hohenzollernring area and found outside seating in one of those cafes that serve breakfast and beverages all day long. I had a typical German breakfast – bread, butter, marmalade, cheese, boiled egg, fresh greens, tomatoes. Ricky chose an all American version – pancakes with maple syrup and butter. And then we decided to share a normal-ish breakfast for both of us – yogurt, fruits, honey and some flax seeds (spot on!) with some espresso. No, we did not finish all of this food!!!

We then headed out to Mediapark where they were exhibiting a dance and fashion thing – how both are interconnected we imagined. But Ricky and I took a Waltz and Samba dance lesson in it’s stead in the building. (I was the boy dancer!) I mean, yes dance and fashion are totally connected but learning to waltz and samba in German – now that’s special.

After exercising too much for a Sunday we went to Vapiano’s for Aperol spritzers. (I know, I know – Vapiano’s seems like a bad choice – but in it’s defense, it was outside and the aperol was lovely and we didn’t see the red weird sign board where we were sitting!)

A perfectly spent Sunday with Ricky who made everything feel “just right” and “easy” ❤

After dropping R back to the main train station, I wandered around the cathedral (again) and walked to the now well traveled Neu Markt station. I even stopped at a neighborhood ice-cream shop en route home. I mean could the Sunday get more indulgent!

PS: I really thought I would write an entry for every day I was in the city but that so did not happen. But 2 out of a potential 15 is not bad! (Clearly I like to give A’s for effort).


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