Montreal, QC

2015-07-21 12.24.13After spending about 10 days in Montreal, I’m kind of sad to not have had more time in an interesting city just a few hours north of here. I don’t usually feel this way… I’m usually always ready to come home. But Montreal was cool and I liked it … like I said already, I liked it a lot more than I like other cities that aren’t New York.

Here is a little bit of what I can put down for those who visit… I recommend the very much cliched (and actually quite useful) hop-on hop-off bus tour, I also had some time to do the normal life things. But let’s get to the tourist stuff first: Saint Joseph’s Oratory – we spent an afternoon here and while we thought it was beautiful, I’m not sure it left me wanting to come back. I would recommend going here during a tour and/or when there is worship music. I was not able to visit the Basilique Notre-Dame but I think that was a mistake. This I should have gone to (perhaps even over Saint Joseph’s). I spent quite some time in the old port… it was walk-able from where we were and just being around the water and general market scene was lovely. They had an international fireworks competition while I was in town and that was definitely a treat. I was able to spend some time with Rodin at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and I think this is top of the list of places to visit. Spend a day here / many days. It’s beautiful – even without the Rodin! If you’re in Montreal on Sundays – the Tam-Tams are a fun Sunday summer event.. bring some beverages, food, and a blanket and hang out. Actually summer in Montreal is essentially a giant gathering of people doing street festivals- so take your pick. The Jazz festival is better known all over the world so it’s a shame to miss it if you’re in Montreal in July. For food stops I definitely recommend Fairmount Bagel – it is delicious. I also recommend the competition. The city is alive with fine foods so if you want to skip Poutine – skip away! But don’t miss the restaurants in the various neighborhoods… Chinese food in Chinatown, Israeli food, Greek, Italian, French.. you name it they’ve got it and it’s good. (For example – This Icecream!) And of course French food – d’uh! I like the Eater Guide quite a bit to get me to food choices I would appreciate. But before I forget – I recommend the botanical garden and the intimate concerts they hold within their landscapes. Breathtakingly amazing. Go here on a warm breezy evening. You are so very welcome!


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