kdhamSo, 2016 kind of zoomed past. It was a blur of not balancing work and life. And then I found myself at the end of the year running away about an hour away from Bombay to this little yoga institute. It wasn’t planned, I was in India for work – but then on the weekend, Mum said let’s go and I did. We stayed in a simple (and I do mean simple) room. In the morning, I saw a tail of a lizard outside my room and pretended it wasn’t there. I looked outside and saw the hills not too far away and much closer a family of monkeys – just sitting. Everything was not as loud as Bombay, it wasn’t bright like the movies, and it wasn’t comfortable as one imagines vacations to be – but it was, and it was surprisingly peaceful.

I came back to New York – M and I celebrated the start of 2017 – and Kaivalyadhama slipped in to romantic memory. I call it romantic because my memory tends to make things much nicer over time. (It’s a blessing if you think about it!) And then I was in India again – more work than last time and even less time. Lee said to me “What is more important?” and I answered without a pause “Me”. And now, I am trying to put that in to action. What does prioritizing yourself look like.


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