Washington D.C.


M + I went to Washington D.C. because we are both adults and do work-appropriate things together. Very cool. We stayed close to Georgetown but also I think in ‘downtown’. Clearly, my geographical understanding of D.C. is limited. We had high plans for our Thursday-Friday-Saturday in our nations’ capital. We would somehow meet M’s very close friend, go out and get work done. But that did not actually materialize.

Tired and rained upon, M and I decided to go to M’s friend’s recommendation for an Indian dinner – Rasika (which was much-needed) on Thursday. We grabbed a high-top table and I didn’t have a speck of make-up on. In the early AM of Friday, off I went to work while M had some of her own work appointments. We tried to coordinate for dinner but that didn’t materialize … so again – tired and rained upon – we decided to grab a late-late movie.

On Saturday, M went off to her favorite spin class which had an outfit not too far from where we were staying. I slept in – literally. Because I don’t remember any of the morning movements. We then found our way to the EU Open House. For those who don’t know – mark your calendars for next May. What a nice way to see Washington D.C. and ‘visit Europe’. We had limited time so of course we were at the Embassy of Germany and France followed by House of Sweden. We did make a much-talked about tourist stop. The Folger’s Library. If you do nothing else in DC – do this! But definitely take a guided tour (and say hello to the Tour Director Ian who is just wonderful!)


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